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About Our Programs

Giving the power to invest...

Allegiance Capital Partners Inc. takes pride in our ability to offer programs that allow more individuals to invest and build wealth.

Although no deposit is required to earn your rewards, we strongly recommend that you do fund your account, and often. Investing your money at an early age and letting it grow for 20+ years is one of the best ways to grow wealth. Long Term Investing is a great way to achieve your dream of having financial freedom.

Our referral programs are all about putting a little extra money in people’s pockets and helping people slowly start becoming financially independent.

  • Why TD Ameritrade?

    Amount of free educational courses that TD Ameritrade offers to new investors as a bonus for opening your stock investing account

  • Why a Motif?

    A motif is a basket or group of up to 30 intelligently weighted stocks that reflect a popular investment theme, market insight or innovative trend.

  • Affiliate Payouts

    Percentage of affiliates who get paid on time monthly with our affiliate program.


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